Case Details
Client: Sell My Car Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Property Auction Platform


We noticed a shift from high-street real-estate to online, as such, Athena IT Limited designed and built an online property trading platform.

We knew that in order to get any kind of traction in the property auction market, we required:

  • Enterprise grade bidding system on mobile and desktop, online and in-app
  • The capacity for vendors to accept offers pre/post auction
  • Agents would want to be able to market in their own brand
  • Reliable real-time high definition in real-time - less than 1s in latency
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    Whitelabel Online Auction, Listing and Video Streaming Platform

    Athena IT, delivered a robust and reliable online trading platform where everything was an API, excellent interface and a solution to stream in a scalable manner in real-time in less than 1s latency

    However, due to a lack of financial backing or strategic agency partners, the project was abandoned.

    Athena IT Limited still believes that this is the future of real-estate.

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