Digital Transformation

User Requirements, Project Plans and Specification Writing

So, you know that you have a problem to solve, and you know that you need technology and an efficient process to solve it.

Whatever stage you are in your system development process, we’re able to help.

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Digital Transformation

Athena IT is a digital transformation consultancy.

Whether you’re building an entirely new service offering or, through increased productivity, are looking to achieve cost saving or revenue increases, we’re here to help with a scalable, reliable and robust solution to your problem.

We’re more than system builders, we’re great at creating user friendly and well architected solutions that make a difference to your business.

We’re fun loving business minded technology nerds, we keep ourselves up to date with industry changes and new technologies so you don’t have to.

1. User Requirements

We’ll work with you to gather user requirements, whether those users are internal or external to your business. We work with quantitative and qualitative data – so we’ll review analytical data ,if you have it, as well as on interviews with internal or/and external stakeholders.

2. Analysis of Problem

We’ll review the competitive environment in which you operate and work to understand the specific problem that you’re trying to solve. By finding the real root of the problem, we’re able to think outside the box.

3. Eight Possible Solutions

We’ll create at least eight possible solutions to your problem. Often the most innovative solutions come later, that’s why we force ourselves to create so many potential solutions. We’ll then select the best ones.

4. Writing the Press Release First

Before we get started on a proposed specification, we force ourselves to write a press release. For each proposed solution, we’ll create a press release. The act of creating a press release us to sell our solution to the end customer whether they’re internal or external to your business. We’re customer obsessed, and ultimately it’s the end users that will judge our collective success or failure. This is important, we need to create the right solution!

5. Review of the Press Release

Once we’ve refined the press release, we’ll work with you to select the best solution within the constraints of your budget and timelines to you problem.

6. Specification

Clearly defined specifications are something of an art, this is an area in which we excel. We’ll identify a solution to your problem within your budget and to your timelines, suggesting multiple phases, if appropriate. We recommend to create a minimal viable product first, and then work to phases. A well written specification sets the expectations of the business - from programming to design teams. It clears up any ambiguity and eliminates waste.

7. UX Design

Where appropriate, we’ll create or select easy, simple and beautiful user interfaces.

8. Project Plan

Once designs and specifications are approved, we’ll create a project plan with areas of responsibility and timelines. We work with nimble, autonomous teams that can innovate at scale globally.

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