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We’re proud of the powerful, user-friendly and reliable software applications that we develop. For more than fifteen years, we’ve been building market leading software applications that have been used by millions of end consumers.

Athena IT Limited has experience of working with clients and customers around the world and has been involved in countless software development projects with companies that are stock market listed such as Intel, IAC and ComScore, large privately owned companies such as Cox Automotive as well as for small privately owned companies. Prior to becoming a Digital Transformation Agency, we worked on our own projects.

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Cross Sector Experience

We have experience across a number of industries from automotive to real-estate, and social media to instant messaging.

We have a wealth of international experience and, whilst we are small we frequently punch above our weight; some would call us Gorilla Marketers. Athena IT has had successes in a number of marketplaces including the USA, Australia, Egypt, Netherlands and the UK.

We’ve worked on efficient and flexible ERP and CRM Solutions, mobile applications and web-application development. For some clients we deliver solutions end-to-end, for others we deliver specific parts or provide specific services.

If you have a service or software product in mind, we will be able to help you make it.
Work for Clients - Cox Automotive

Sell My Car

Purpose: A car buying platform

Provides online valuations, vehicle lookup, marketing automation and CRM

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Vehicles Purchased in 2018
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Years of Business

Valuation Service

A CRM for Novated Lease firms for vehicle valuation and purchasing

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Property Listing and Auction Platform

Working with Listable Pty Ltd, we had a vision to transform the way people buy, sell and experience property.

We intended to disrupt the traditional auction process and give both buyers and sellers a more convenient and integrated experience.

Our resolve was to simulcast auctions in real-time on any mobile or tablet device and allow views to participate in physical auctions, as well as provide a platform for negotiation after the auction where the auction does not clear.

For sellers, this meant that real-estate agents could reach more buyers than ever before, resulting in more competition and improved sales results.


Setup Application & Conversion Optimisation Testing

We worked with ComScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) on an Inno Setup and setup translation application. The objective was to optimise their Relevant Knowledge EULA screen and to maximise opt in rates, whilst complying with recent US and EU legislation.

Chit Chat for Facebook

Chit Chat was a popular multi-platform instant messenger application that connected to the Facebook chat network.

The solution provided was feature rich and made use of ‘push’ technology prior to the introduction on Facebook’s own applications; the scalable backend infrastructure was built on Amazon Web Services.

The application featured on TV, radio and magazines worldwide (including the US and UK). The application was particularly popular in Egypt, where chitchat.org.uk was one of the most visited websites in the region for a number of years.

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
What We Did
  • Application Development
  • User Interface
  • Marketing
  • Business Management
Years of Operation
  • 2009-2014
Commercial Relationships Included:
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • ComScore
  • AthenaIT Inc.
Team Size
We build apps, websites and businesses

Back Link Checker

Check how links to your website change over time Be automatically notified or generate a report on website links. Show when links change from follow to nofollow or a page becomes no-indexed.

Internal Marketing Tool
Firefox Toolbar & PHP Backend

Promotional Toolbar

Marketing tool to identify, collect and promote to potential interested third party websites. Identify online influences and their associated websites.
Own Product

Emoticon/Emoji Installer

The app installed custom emoticons into MSN and Windows Live Messenger, later Facebook support was added.

Athena IT developed more than 1000 custom emoticons and licensed the underlying technology to a number of third parties.

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