Content Production, Technology and Marketing

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past five years.

The days when Marketing was controlled exclusively by creative Mad Men acting on gut and intuition are over. These days, technology, analytics and marketing are intertwined.

This change has been great for weary consumers whom are tired of a lack of relevance. Our agency ‘Mad Men’ partners help execute our content marketing strategies, with our technology guidance and our informed analytical insight.

Technology and insight is needed to scale, stay organised and make continuous improvements.

What We Do

Working at the speed of trust

We work with creative agencies to produce innovative experiences that are successful. We think analytically, we’re humble and we do what works.

Athena IT connects consumers with brands original concepts and brand voice that engages with them. We do what works. Our clients love that. We want to be an extension of your team; we’ll help make your brand stand out.

Enable your experienced and intuitive 'Mad Men' with 21st Century technology and analytics and stay ahead. We’ll help you grow your game, not our egos.

Engaging With Us

We make our own luck. Work with us on our ‘Lucky 8’ pattern.

1. Research

Market research will help you discover insights that help your organisation improve its understanding of its markets, culture and target audience. You’ll profit from a more in-depth understanding, new ideas and knowledge of your customers' motivations.

Consumer research will provide a starting position, and ideas to test.

People don’t always do what they say that do. We listen to what people say, but are more strongly guided by what they do – see step 7!

2. Strategy

We’ll help develop a winning strategy for your campaign. We’ll help develop a content strategy and, if necessary, a brand voice.

3. The Brief

Creative briefs are important, but not always so easy to write. If you don’t have an idea of what you’re after, we’ll help generate ideas and then produce a content brief with you.

We can produce awesome work from your brief.

4. The Idea

We will develop fun, engaging and crazy ideas that’ll grab attention.

We are realistic, we’ll work to your budget and brand voice.

5. The Production

Our experienced team make sure the right people are in place for every job.

We work with great creatives, directors and producers.

We’ll deliver on time and on budget.

6. The Post

We’ll set up analytics so that we can identify what works.

We’ll work with the market research to test theories and refine our strategy.

7. Insight

From the data obtained, we’ll create insights to give deeper brand/creative considerations.

8. Feedback

We’ll review the results, and provide recommendations for creative improvement.

We’ll work to identify opportunities.

Experienced Researchers and Content Writers

Athena IT works with a variety of writers from Australia, UK and America.
Senior Writer
Karl Talbot

Karl’s expertise includes expository writing and digital content creation. Over the past few years Karl has written for the UK's largest consumer website - playing a vital role in a weekly email that boasts a subscriber base of over 12 million. During his time at the company Karl has been responsible for the content of over 40 product guides in addition to the production of various consumer-led news stories.

Diverse Team
Writer and Marketing Executive
Kathleen Delaney (USA)

Kathleen is an award-winning writer, obtaining first place across several writing contests in the USA. Her content production experience spans over the past 14 years. Her hobbies are drawing/painting, nature photography, original music, animation, and fiction writing.

Writing example 1 , 2 and 3 .

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