Case Details
Product: Chit Chat for Facebook
Location: Worldwide (Esp. US, UK, Egypt and Vietnam)

Content Marketing & Outreach

Background & Problem

Athena IT owned and operated a desktop instant messenger that connected to Facebook chat called “Chit Chat for Facebook.”

Chit Chat for Facebook was an application backed with little financial capital. In order for the service to be profitable tens of thousands of installations were required each month.

At first Athena IT Limited engaged with an agency to promote its software applications, however, we quickly discovered the services provided were of poor value and did not help distribution volumes. When you’re investing your own money, you learn quickly!


Outreach and Content Marketing Success

Athena IT Limited achieved more than 2,000,000 software installations of Chit Chat for Facebook through content marketing, social and distribution agreements, the content marketing achieved product features on radio and TV in the US, UK, Egypt and Vietnam.

Each day, 30K organic visitors were achieved.

Through licensing, Athena IT’s solutions have featured on the homepage of MSN UK/France/Netherlands/Germany.

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We were successful at SEO and traffic generation for Chit Chat for Facebook

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