We build software with you

We’re a technology partner that can prototype your idea, or build and scale your product.

Working with is us like having your own internal development team but better. We collaborate with you, providing a committed team invested in your success, without the human resources responsibilities. You can focus on running your business operations.

Build your software with developers that care and know what it’s like to run a start-up.

Working With Us

Our Skills

We have a diverse set of skills to offer: frontend, backend, full stack, mobile, DevOps, QA, UX design and IT Management.

You, Yes You There - I'm Talking to You!

You’re likely to be an established business or early stage start-up who needs an engaged and committed technology partner who can help build custom software and your business.

By working with us you get to focus on building the business operation. We help to build an on-shore, hybrid or offshore team depending on your business needs.

Hiring the wrong candidate is expensive, we know what to look for so that you can avoid mistakes.

Working with us, you can get started more quickly whilst saving on tax, space and equipment.

Our Approach

You are part of the team that we put together. We work with you to set the goals and objectives, then we tackle them.

We’ve worked with businesses through their transformation from idea to small and lean, and then from small and lean to mature and profitable. We’re flexible, so we won’t look to lock you into a contract, however, don’t be surprised if we’re still working with you in five years’ time.

Meet Our Development Managers

Senior IT Development Manager

Alex is a backend expert. He’ll help to make sure that your code is high quality, robust and well tested. Alex will make sure that your database is appropriately designed and your server-side runs as smooth as silk. Alex’s specialities are PHP with MYSQL using frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony.

Senior IT Development Manager

Piotr has more than 15 years of experience in developing web applications with PHP. Piotr’s main focus is providing tailored on-demand solutions to customers. He has a knack for creating solutions to completes problems, creating web services and APIs for mobile and desktop applications. Piotr is a business minded developer, he’ll build when it’s right to build but he’ll suggest licensed solutions where appropriate. Piotr is experienced with agile development and managing small distributed teams.

Senior IT Development Manager

Usama is a childhood prodigy, he produced his first computer program at the age of 8! Usama has a vast amount of experience in Laravel, in particular, and also is experienced in Symfony and CodeIgniter. He’s an expert at website scraping, having scraped millions of records relating to cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin and Ethereum. He’s skilled in Laravel Eloquent, Laravel Query Builder, MySQL (MariaDB), SQL Optimization - JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, AJAX, - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Blade templating, Laravel Mix - Git (BitBucket, GitHub), SVN - TDD, Unit Testing, Feature / Functional / Acceptance / Integration Testing.

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