Case Details
Task: Data Layer
Client: Sell My Car Pty Ltd

Planning and Implementing a Data Layer


The client wished to achieve greater visibility of business performance.

Within Google Analytics, the client sought to achieve:

  • Improved insight
  • Improved results with Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)

  • The client wished for us to work with their Digital Marketing agency to identify, prepare and execute the planned data layer structure.
    data layer

    Measurement Success

    Athena IT worked with Performics to define, plan and prepare:

      a) custom metrics and custom dimensions to be tracked
      b) events to be tracked
      c) virtual page views

    Event tracking included: video progress tracking and scroll tracking as well as form completion such as registration and appointment booking.

    Custom definitions included vehicle details, appointment status and customer information.

    Athena IT implemented the planned data layer into

    The website is dynamically rendered and API-centric, everything is an API. The website DOM structure changes with each render or stage change, much like react. As such, handers are added on DOM nodes after rerender.

    The data layer obtains data from the API byway of JS objects.


    The client had the capacity to measure, and make improvements on:

      • Login
        • Quantity of valuations
          • Number of bookings
            • Conversion flow
              • Button clicks

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