Case Details
Client: Sell My Car Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Office 365 Calendar Automation


The client operates a nationwide car buying business within Australia, the client wished for all appointments to be automatically populated within Office 365 calendars for each branch. Calendars needed to be viewable by the Call Centre, Buyers and Head of Retail.
office 365
1. Cancellations
On occasion, a customer would cancel themselves or through interaction with the call centre.
2. Real Time
There was importance to have:
    a) Real-time view of appointments
b) Avoid double bookings
    c) Provide easy access to the CRM to manage the bookings
    d) Be aware when the same customer booked to more than one buying centre
3. Data Streams
Within the calendar appointment, it was important to have the latest customer interaction information. This customer interaction information could be contact with the call centre or with a vehicle buyer. As such, the appointments needed to update with the latest CRM information about the customer and about that appointment.
4. Buying Centres
Buying centres could be renamed, opened or closed. In addition, one or more member of staff may work at each buying centre.

Solution Provided for Sell My Car

Use of the Office 365 API to dynamically populate calendars of buying centres.

The solution was structured so that locations could be opened, closed or renamed.

This enabled easier on-boarding of vehicle buying personnel and call centre staff.

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