CTO as a Service

Whether you’re starting out or expanding, we provide at a C-level strategy and consulting for technology companies. Our expertise is geared towards financial modelling, product development, go-to-market strategy, sssssssproduct launch and business analytics.

Using the right technology, at the right time, is likely to have a significant bearing on your efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. Licensing technology or building the right technology will make you faster, smarter and better than your competition, it will also help to lower your cost structure.

We read the AWS technical manuals, Harvard Business Review, Forrester and attend conferences so you don’t have to.

It’s a challenge for companies to stay current with these emerging technologies from business analytics, to infrastructure as a service and CRM. Investing wisely and with confidence, with the right strategy in mind, will create value.

We’re different from an in-house developer, overseas software freelancers and working with a development agency- builders want to build.

At Athena IT, we’re commercially focused – there is a time to build, and a time to leverage and license. We’ll work with you to review your use case, strategy and identify the best course of action.

Roles We Can Play
  • Product Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Launch
  • Strategy
  • Business Analytics
  • Hiring
  • Outsourcing
  • SCRUM Management
  • Financial Modelling
Applications Types Previously Developed
  • Instant Messaging
  • Car Buying
  • Wholesale Management
  • Real-estate auction
  • Installation Applications
  • Bespoke CRM
  • Bespoke CMS
  • Real-time Video Streaming
  • Classified Listing
  • Payment Integration
  • SEO Analysis
  • Google Analytics API
  • Emoticons (Emojis)
  • Online Dating
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Surveys, Petitions and Polls
  • Online Education

Rent a CTO

Even though a CTO position is important, and a key part of a business, not every business needs this role as full time position.

  • Technology may not be a key focus of your business
  • The business may not be able to afford this overhead
  • There simply isn’t a big enough requirement to keep this talented individual engaged for a long duration

  • Our CTO as a Service can augment your existing staff to optimise your strategy, and management of technology activities.

    The Chief Technology Officer is an important executive role within a company, he or she has the responsibility to understand the business objectives and execute a technology strategy to enable the business drivers and improve efficiencies of the business. As technologies improve, and they are continuously changing, a CTO encourages the leveraging of relevant technologies to deliver a competitive advantage.

    This competitive advantage could be better competitive experience (including, net promoter score), new channels, faster time to market or lower cost per lead managed etc.

    With Athena IT, you can adopt a CTO into your organisation, our pool of CTOs draws from a pool of executives who share a passion for both business and technology. We can help deliver your business vision with the most appropriate technology investments and designs.

    What Athena IT can do for you

    Working at the speed of trust

    Communication is important, our professionals have a track record of communication at a C-level and throughout organisations, on any technical issues, ranging from day-to-day requirements to project specific requirements, such as infrastructure architecture.

    We can provide our services directly on-location or at arm’s length in a structured manner ensuring clear business deadlines and targets.

    Plan and Execute

    Both creating a strategy and then delivering the strategy is important, without a strategy you have no direction and without successful execution you never realise the benefit. Experience enables you to effectively understand the consideration sets and make critical decisions that affect the long term success of your business. Once directional decisions and technology choices have been made the hard work begins.

    Appropriate and realistic plans, having the right people in the team in the right positions and that they’re properly aligned, then ensuring empowerment, without unnecessary interference, is critical to achieving milestones and overall delivery.

    Our Offering

    Our customised consultancy packages can range from one off project engagements to regular on-demand consultancy at the frequency in which you need. Whilst our ideas may be original, they come from years of experience in business.

    You may wish to use our services as a temporary fulfilment of this critical role on a contract basis until a suitable full-time employee can be identified, hired and trained to take over.

    Alternatively, we are able to provide a second opinion or assist you on a regular basis to update your strategy, plans and consult at a business critical decision point.

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