Case Details
Client: Sell My Car Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Integrating a new design and CMS into a pre-existing website

Context & Requirement

Manheim Pty Ltd initially launched as a business pilot.

The pilot was rolled out Australia-wide and expanded rapidly, however, the internal CMS and initial design was not fit for purpose.

Having worked with a design agency, the client wished for the newly produced website design to be integrated within their bespoke CRM and for a new CMS that met their requirements to be produced.

The client wished to be able to easily produce landing pages and more easily add content, but also wanted a CMS more extendable, flexible and less bloated than WordPress.
october cms

A custom plugin was built to extend OctoberCMS

This plugin provides pages, templates, strings, partials, previews and version control using the native OctoberCMS functions.

A dynamic website, with complete separation of presentation and data is provided. The HTML editor works with TWIG, which is used in the building of pages and the frontend where the TWIG template is rendered with data through AJAX calls to an API.

A static website could be built with the CMS only.

The solution is fast, robust, reliable and easy to maintain.

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